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Astrology is a science which has greater influence on both western and eastern cultures. Astrology is the study of the Sun, the Moon and the planets of the solar system and how they influence the character and personality of a person. It is believed by astrologers that there is a connection between the heavenly bodies and the human beings on earth. Astrologers use astrology as a tool to understand an individual, his relationship with the world around him and the way his birth stars influence his life.


Astrology, the term, is derived from two Greek words astrou and logou meaning star and word respectively. There are numerous traditions applying astrological concepts in interpreting a humans character. These astrological concepts are based on relative positions and movements of celestial patterns. A form of divinations, astrology in current tradition can be classified as Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology. In this modern era, people have started using Astrology as a tool to predict their future and to understand their personality and behaviour.